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I'm a freelance graphic designer working out of Albert Town and Wanaka in New Zealand.

I have serious passion for design and I have collected plenty of experience working in many different creative disciplines for over a decade.

  • Name: Andrew Miller
  • Nationality: UK/NZ
  • Freelance: Available
  • Phone: 021 217 1213
  • Address: Albert Town, New Zealand
  • Email: design@andrewgrmiller.com
  • Facebook: andrewgrmillerdesign
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Digital Designer, Content Creator - Freelance
2005 - 2022

Over fifteen years of training and on the job experience. Print collateral, signage, web, social. You name it.

Graphic and Web Designer - Mount Aspiring College
2005 - 2022

Full time graphic and web designer. Creating worldwide promotional material to attract international and hostel students. Including managing the social media accounts.

Graphic Designer - Brio Leisure
2015 - 2017

Integral part of the Marketing team producing numerous campaigns. Frontline advertising, across media streams for a large, leisure industry corporation.

Digital Advertising Certified - Hubspot

Certification from class leading CRM provider.

Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe
2021 - 2023

Adobe certification in the CC Suite. Currently in progress.

Bachelors Degree - Manchester University
1994 - 1997

Degree with honours in Visual Arts & Culture.




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get in touch

+64 21 217 1213
Kingston St, Albert Town
9305, New Zealand
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JetBlack Cycling

  • Client : JetBlack Cycling
  • Date : Ongoing
  • Used Technologies : Facebook, Instagram, InDesign, Photoshop.

Social media managing and branding collateral.

See the website

Web design

  • Client : Richard Elvey Real Estate Agent
  • Date : 2022
  • Used Technologies : Wordpress, Photoshop.

Creating a user friendly and owner operated website for the exciting Real Estate sector

Click here for the website

Website Design

  • Client : Rose Line Drainlaying, Plumbing & Gasfitting
  • Date : 2023
  • Used Technologies : Wordpress, Photoshop

Designing and building a consise and efficient website for a trade worker.

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Graphic Design and Media

  • Client : Watertight Systems
  • Date : Ongoing
  • Used Technologies : Content creation, InDesign, CMS.

Content creation for social media channels and publications

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User Interface/Design

  • Client : The Hanmer Spring App
  • Date : 2022
  • Used Technologies : Illustrator, XD.

Facilitating the design of an app to link a community and the businesses therein.

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  • Client : Numerous Realtors
  • Date : 2022
  • Used Technologies : Lightroom, Photoshop

Producing stunning images of real estate for the marketplace. Drone video and still images.

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  • Client : Los Independientes FC
  • Date : 2022
  • Used Technologies : Illustrator, Photoshop.

Building a brand for a mainly Spanish speaking football team from a mountain area.

Visit their FB page

Drone Videographer

  • Client : Mixed
  • Date : Ongoing
  • Used Technologies : 4K Drone, Premiere, Photoshop.

Collecting imagery via a remote piloting. Used for product promotion, social media and real estate marketing.

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Mount Aspiring College

  • Client : MAC
  • Date : Ongoing
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator.

Promoting and documenting events at the Wanaka high school. Creating imagery and professional video, managing the websites, the social media and printed promotional material for advertising the college on a national and international forum.

Visit the website

McKeague Consulting Website

  • Client : McKeague Consulting
  • Date : Ongoing
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop

Designing and constructing a website for a local resource management company. Including on location photography.

Visit the website

Brand Management

  • Client : Wanaka Futsal
  • Date : Ongoing
  • Used Technologies : Photoshop, Premiere.

Promotional and social media material for a sports organisation.

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ROA Group Rebranding

  • Client : ROA Group
  • Date : 2019
  • Used Technologies : Illustrator, XD, Photoshop

Rebranding an existing company. Website construction and branding for the company rescue helicopter.

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Columbia Threadneedle Investors Microsite

  • Client : CTI YBC
  • Date : 2018
  • Used Technologies : XD, Photoshop

Constructing the working visuals for an investment company mini-site. Focusing on striking imagery and easy user interaction.

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Social Media Collateral

  • Client : WAFC
  • Date : 2017-2019
  • Used Technologies : Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

Supporting material to promote our local football club.

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Website Refresh

  • Client : Last Word Media - YBC
  • Date : 2018
  • Used Technologies : XD, Photoshop

Working from wireframe to finished working visuals, updating and refreshing outdated websites.

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Company Branding

  • Client : Organise to Harmonise
  • Date : 2018
  • Used Technologies : Illustrator

Logo and branding for a local company

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Warwick Half Marathon Branding

  • Client : The Jockey Club
  • Date : 2018
  • Used Technologies : Illustrator, Photoshop

Branding a local running event. Incorporating the bear, the mascot of Warwick, UK, into a logo for promotional material.

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Brio Leisure

  • Client : Cheshire County Council
  • Date : 2016-2017
  • Used Technologies : Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

Numerous products for both print and digital to support a large leisure company. Frontline advertising covering various different programmes offered by a corporation in the leisure industry.

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Small Business Marketing

  • Client : EZPZ Admin
  • Date : 2017
  • Used Technologies : Illustrator, Indesign

A complete design package was delivered to this local startup company. Marketing material, both digital and print to support this small business as it establishes itself in the market.

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Website Design

  • Client : Thyme Hill Peonies
  • Date : 2016
  • Used Technologies : Dreamweaver, Photoshop

A local, commercial florist receives the whole package of logo and website and marketing material.

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